Member Benefits




The California Real Estate Education Association (CREEA) is a non-profit organization

that was formed in 1985 by the merger of the California Association of Real Estate Teachers (CARET) and Real Estate Certificate Institute (RECI). To be eligible for the RECI designation, a member of CREEA must successfully complete ten college-level real estate courses.


CREEA's purpose is to promote and enhance educational and professional standards of competence among all real estate practitioners, as well as to facilitate communication and cooperation among all those concerned with the varied aspects of real estate education.


CREEA members come from colleges, universities, proprietory schools, regulatory agencies, real estate organizations such as the California Association of Realtors (CAR)  and local boards of real estate, and education material providers, such as publishers and authors.


CREEA's goals are to:


-Promote higher standards of real estate knowledge and competence among licensees, administrators, instructors and students.

-Provide liaison between colleges, trade groups, the California Department of Real Estate, private schools and local real estate boards.

-Collect and disperse information on new real estate programs, materials and research.

-Recognize members who have made notable contributions to real estate education.