Frequently Asked Questions



Who are our members?

Membership includes a wide gamut of faculty, real estate practitioners, publishers, regulators, and real estate coordinators whose common bond is real estate education.


What are initiation fees?

There is no initiation fee, just annual dues.


What are the dues?

Individuals -- $35.00 per year

Student -- $5.00 per year

Corporate/Institutional -- $100.00 per year


How often do we have meetings?

Usually three times a year at the Real Estate Coordinator’s Conferences in Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland.


How do I join?

Complete the application blank on our web page or flyer and return with check to:  CREEA, PO Box 1230, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.


What are the benefits of membership?

Membership Directory

Quality Newsletter

Web Page

Meeting and Networking

Awards and Recognition


Is CREEA affiliated with REEA?

Not at this time as REEA requires ALL CREEA members to be REEA members, which has dues over four times as high as CREEA dues. We hope in the future to again be a REEA chapter.


Why have a web page?

Our members are scattered throughout the state making meetings difficult. We therefore, use the web page and newsletters to communicate.


What is the future plan for the web page?

We hope to expand and make it interactive where members can post notices and replies